Downtown "WOW" Factor:
High Street District Properties

  • New Condos Just Off 124 St.
  • Similar Price to Renting
  • Close To Work Downtown
  • Stunning Design
  • Catch the Downtown Boom
  • Possessions This Fall
  • Already 90% Sold Out

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  • Short Commute To Work:
    No more slogging through rush hour twice every day. Live minutes from work.
  • Dazzle That Special Someone:
    Send the right message when guests come over.
  • Excitement of 124 Street:
    Live in the heart of Edmonton's NEW epicentre for refined Fashion, Food, and Entertainment, including: 30 Specialty Stores, 35 Resturants and Cafes, 12 of Edmonton's Finest Art Galleries, and the "124 Street Grand Market".
  • Thrilling Downtown Life:
    No more boring nights in the suburbs: from shopping to restaurants and nightclubs, your calendar is full of excitement.
  • Rock-Solid Investment Potential:
    Edmonton’s downtown has a huge boost planned for the next 5 years including the Arena and Entertainment District; get in on the ground floor!
  • Freedom From The Rent Pit:
    Why rent when you can own for a similar monthly amount?

What Makes High Street Unique?

  • Popular Roof-Top Patio

    One of the few condo buildings in the city to offer a private rooftop patio for Owners to enjoy with their guests. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the Edmonton skyline or grab a few minutes of quiet solitude, High Street’s Patio is your private escape within the city.

  • Environmentally Conscious

    All units feature water-saving “dual flush” toilets and heat pump climate control. Not only do you get to choose a custom temperature for your unit, you’re also cutting down on unnecessary utilities.

  • High-End Design

    9 ft ceilings, massive windows, kitchen islands, and trendy interior design are guaranteed to impress your guests.

  • Beautiful Finishings

    From stainless steel appliances and gorgeous engineered hardwood, to eye-catching light fixtures and premium outlets, everything about High Street says “High End”.

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Live On 124 Street:

Edmonton's Refined

Fashion, Food, and Arts District

Edmonton's new epicenter for refined taste is 124 St.  Nothing boring or cookie-cutter here!

124 St. has risen as Edmonton's #1 destination for:

Enjoy the 124 Grand Market

20 weeks every year the "124 Grand Market" comes to life with a trendy, fun vibe.

Soak up the unique atmosphere including:

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124 Grand Market

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Why Rent When You Can Own?

Renting in Downtown Edmonton is TOUGH - not many vacancies, which makes it hard to find a good deal.

For The Same Price as Rent

Few downtown dwellers realize this, but for an amount similar to rent (sometimes exactly the SAME), you could easily own a condo instead of renting an apartment.

Become an Owner

When you own, you’re calling your own shots.

When you own, you also get the bragging rights of telling your friends you’re an OWNER.

Yes, you still need to pay for a mortgage, but every month you’ll chip away at your mortgage and your equity really adds up over time.

And - of course, let’s remember one of the HUGE advantages of owning....

A Solid Investment Opportunity

If the value of a rented apartment goes up, who rakes in the cash?

Your landlord.

But when you own, all of that profit sticks in YOUR pocket.

In a handful of years from now, when the time comes for you to sell your High Street condo (starting a family? upgrading to a luxury condo? downtown?), all that profit is YOURS to re-invest in your next home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be proud of your High Street condo - a place you OWN - and also get a nice chunk of equity too?

And it only gets better when you consider the tidal wave of money planned to come downtown in the coming 5 years...

Owners (Not Renters) Share in Profits

As the expression goes, "a rising tide raises all ships."

As the value of downtown increases, your condo at High Street will enjoy some of that ripple effect too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be proud of your High Street condo - a place you OWN - and also get a nice chunk of equity too?

That equity can make a big difference in the future.  When the day comes to upgrade to a luxury condo, or buy a house because you're starting a family, your High Street equity can be in the tens of thousands, maybe even covering your entire down payment.

Wouldn't that be nice... instead of having nothing to show for years of renting?

And the opportunity to build equity has never been more exciting when you consider what's coming up for Edmonton's downtown over the next 5 years...

Get In On the Ground-Floor

Downtown Edmonton is at a tipping point.

Surely you’ve heard about the tidal wave of money coming downtown.

$601 Million is the expected, confirmed investment just to build the new Edmonton Oilers' new Arena.

Plus the extra spin-off investment from additional bars, restaurants, and other downtown development, and you realize downtown Edmonton is of the cusp of a very exciting upgrade.

When you’re a High Street OWNER, you’ve got a shot and getting a piece of the action, which is thrilling.

images copyright City of Edmonton

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What About Used Condos Instead?

Now that you understand why 124 Street is the best place to live downtown, and why Owning is way better than renting.

The next question is: "should I buy New or Used?"

Consider these huge advantages when making your decision...

Advantages of Buying NEW @ High Street

  • Fantastic Warranty Guarantees Your Investment: all units at High Street come with a Blanket Home Warranty up to $100,000, which guarantees your unit will not be defective in workmanship or materials for one full year. Also guarantees the structure will be sound for FIVE full years.
  • Everything Works Perfectly: no surprises in the plumbing, electricity, or anything else. Appliances run flawlessly.
  • That Spectacular “New” Feeling! because you’re the FIRST-EVER to live in your High Street unit, you get to make it entirely your own. The paint is fresh, the walls are unmarked or dented, and there are ZERO scuffs or scratches on anything. You get the best of the best of BRAND-NEW.
  • Modern-Day Sound-Proofing: a major concern of living in any condo or apartment is neighbour-noise. At High Street we’ve got above-standard soundproofing, including 1.5” of gypcrete, engineered flooring, and acoustically-tested double party walls to minimize noise from your neighbours.
  • The Latest in Security Systems: underground parking is secure with convenient fobs for entrance. Unlike some old buildings, all locks work on all doors, with a double-door entry to the main foyer it helps keep unwanted guests out.
  • 2013 Safety: condos built in the 70s, 80s, and 90s have safety codes from those eras. Over time safety standards have risen, making residents of newer buildings safer than ever. High Street - obviously - is built to meet or exceed every last detail of this era's Safety Code, giving you the highest level of personal safety available.

Seeing as the price is so close, wouldn’t you say that buying new just makes sense?

In fact, the Blanket Home Warranty alone could easily save you thousands if something went wrong.

The safe, secure, smart choice is to buy at High Street.

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Come See a Showsuite for Yourself

"Seeing is Believing", so why not come down to see our show suites?

Presentation Centre Hours:

Sunday - Saturday: By appointment only, please contact our sales associate.

Questions? Call Veronica at 587-409-5510

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Reputation of Regency Developments

Regency Developments has built over 700 condo units, has developed numerous luxury homes, not to mention over 100,000 sq ft of commercial space.

Regency Developments is a family-owned company led by the Dhunna family who live right here in Edmonton.

Regency's recent (sold out) projects include:

  • Quest Tower downtown
  • Madison On Whyte
  • Serenity Gardens by Southgate Mall

Real Estate projects currently under development include:

  • Pearl Tower: Edmonton’s first-ever, ultra-luxury downtown condo.  At 36-storeys, Pearl Tower stands as Edmonton's tallest residential tower.
  • Edgewater Village on Jasper: a 700 condo development on the edge of the river valley, offering the security of suburban living in downtown Edmonton.

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Your #1 Choice for Downtown Living

Far better than renting or living anywhere else downtown, High Street off 124 Street is your hands-down #1 choice for trendy, urban, downtown condo living.

The advantages of owning are obvious, especially when you realize the costs are similar to renting, except with huge potential profits in the coming years.

And with High Street’s immediate possessions, stunning good looks, and private rooftop patio, there’s nothing quite like it in the city.

Call Veronica today: 587-409-5510

NOTE: Over 90% Sold Out!

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Pricing, Floorplans, and Feature Sheet too...